Brands with the right insights can
finally unlock the full power of Amazon

Gradient Console helps ecommerce managers stay in the know with alerts, recommendations, and more.

Gradient Score

What's the overall health of your brand on Amazon?

The Gradient Score is the quickest, easiest way to check the health of your brand on Amazon compared to your competition. Gradient Score components (Brand Presence, Product Positioning and Customer Response) organize the factors that help you improve sales.

Daily Alerts

What are the most notable changes in your brand's products recently?

Daily Alerts sends you notifications about your products on Amazon. That saves you time monitoring your listings and helps you stay on top of your KPIs related to product ratings search rank, price volatility, sales rank and inventory control on Amazon.

Product Recommendations

What changes can I make for the highest impact on my Amazon sales?

Product Recommendations use the power of AI to suggest actionable optimizations to improve your listings' performance and increase your sales on Amazon.


Which search terms are your brand's best opportunity to beat the competition?

Visibility in the shelf, or Presence, is the biggest driver of sales. But not all presence is equal. To maximize the impact of increased visibility, the key is to understand the competition for all the search terms your customers are using to find what they're looking for.

Brand Audits

How did your brand perform on Amazon this month versus last month?

Audits offer an in-depth analysis of your brand's position against your competitors on Amazon over time. By unpacking your brand’s performance as well as the one of top sellers in the relevant categories, you will be able to make better, well-informed decisions and closely monitor the Amazon competitive landscape.

Performance Reports

What factors have the biggest impact on my product’s KPIs on Amazon?

Performance gives a historical reporting view of key performance indicators (KPIs) over time so you can observe correlations between your KPIs on Amazon and the factors that influence them. This way you can quickly grasp an idea of what is driving sales and how KPIs are trending over time.