For a quick checkup, there'sGradient Score™

At Gradient, we’ve built a tool to solve the uncertainty inside those black boxes on Amazon. We call it the Gradient Score. At a glance get a measurement of your advertising, product positioning, customers’ response and how you rank against competitors on the Amazon digital shelf.  Your Gradient Score can be your single point of reference and provide a clear correlation to earning sales gains.

No longer could we see how we stacked up to the competition, where we sat on the shelf and how shoppers found our products.

Getting a Score isEasy

To get a score for a brand of interest, you can search the more than a million scores already generated. Or, you can request a new score by selecting a product listing from Amazon (U.S. only for now), and our servers will get to work crunching the data. The Gradient Score is the first and only, easy to understand brand management metric for your performance on Amazon.