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At Gradient, we’ve built a tool to solve the uncertainty inside those black boxes on eRetailers. We call it the Gradient Score. At a glance get a measurement of your advertising, product positioning, customers’ response and how you rank against competitors on the digital shelf.  Your Gradient Score can be your single point of reference and provide a clear correlation to earning sales gains.

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No longer could we see how we stacked up to the competition, where we sat on the shelf and how shoppers found our products.

The Gradient score is made from 3 score components

Brand Presence

Presence measures how effectively your product is capturing the attention of interested shoppers, and the proportion of product listings in search and other relevant product listing impressions that are developed to your brand's products within the category. Presence also includes how cost-effectively your brand has attained those impressions by looking at the ratio of your organic and paid listings.

Product Positioning

Positioning measures how attractively your brand's products are merchandised on the retailer site. Positioning includes the product's price, relevance, and richness of the page inclusion of special badges like Best Seller status.

Customer Response

Response measures how positively your customers respond to your products, and how they vote at the point of sale. Response looks at sales rank and sales velocity, but also includes things like ratings, review sentiment, and product page conversion rates.

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