Daily Alerts
User Guide


Now more than ever, it’s important to keep a close eye on your Amazon eCommerce presence.

Shifting search traffic, shifting consumer attitudes, shifting sales volumes. These shifts show up in your Amazon numbers, but it takes valuable time and attention to catch them in time to act quickly. So, to help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with your brand in the Amazon marketplace, we’re introducing Daily Alerts.

Daily Alerts allows you to find out when one of a number of key performance indicators shows a rapid and significant change with one of your brand’s products. 

We know marketplace churn can be challenging, but it can also present opportunities - if you can act quickly. Set up your Daily Alerts in the Gradient Console, and stay ahead of your competitors.

How To Enable Daily Alerts
  1. Create a Gradient account.
  2. Follow any brand in one or more Amazon categories.
  3. Enable the alerts you want to receive.
  4. Receive an email notification on the same day the alert is detected and confirmed.
  5. Click the link in the email to return to the Gradient Console to investigate what’s happening with your products in the category.

How It Works

Once a day, Gradient compares the most recent 7-days with the preceding 7-days. It is considered an alert if the change between the periods is more than the alert threshold. If an alert is triggered, you will receive an email with the details and a link to the relevant product page in the Gradient Console. We will only send an email if there are new alerts to tell you about. If any current alerts are still on, they will also be listed in the email.

If you do not wish to receive alerts, you can disable the ones you want in your shelf settings. Alternatively, you can just turn off email notifications here, but still keep your alerts going to the Gradient Console.

Available Alerts

Gradient Score - Alert when the ASIN's Gradient Score changes by 10% or more.

Shelf Share - Alert when the ASIN's Shelf Share changes by 10% or more.

Sales Rank - Alert when the ASIN's sales rank in this category changes by 15% or more. 

Price - Alert when the ASIN's price changes by 10% or more.

Star Rating - Alert when the ASIN's average star rating changes by 5% or more. 

1-Star Rating - Alert when the ASIN's percent of 1-star ratings changes by 5% or more.

Buy Box Sellers - Alert when the ASIN's number of observed sellers at the top of the buy box changes by 10% or more.

In-Stock - Alert when the ASIN's in-stock status changes by 5% or more. 

Prime - Alert when the ASIN's Prime designation changes.

Amazon Choice - Alert when the ASIN's Amazon Choice designation changes.