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Why eCommerce sellers choose Gradient

Built on Actionability

Every insight and recommendation is built with actionability in mind so you can impact your Amazon business in real time.

Unique View on Competition

Control the competitive landscape thanks to unique views of the entire market and your top competitors on Amazon.

Shelf Transparency

View which brands products are part of your digital shelf, which brands, products, and how the shelf changes over time.

Powerful Details

Understand your paid & organic presence on Amazon, at all stages of the marketing funnel.

Advanced Technology

Rely on a modern platform built on cloud technologies and AI techniques to provide proprietary recommendations.

Cross-Retailer Insights

View insights across multiple marketplaces to analyze, optimize and report performance across retailers.

Our Data Scale Powers Your Success

Our immense data scale feeds our machine learning and algorithms, so you can rest assured that every decision our AI makes is a smart one.


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