Gradient Score™
User Guide

Gradient Score is a free tool available to anyone and lets you get an eCommerce health checkup for your brand on Amazon.

The Gradient Score reflects brand performance in a digital shelf within Amazon by measuring things like listing SEO strength, price movement, share of voice, and many many more metrics.

You can learn more about what goes into a Gradient Score in the glossary.

Brand Radar

Next to the main score, you can see the competitors in the shelf and how they compare to your brand. You can see more brands if you create a Gradient account.


Following a brand in a shelf adds that brand and shelf to your account, which you can see in the Gradient Console shelves tab. Learn more about the Follow feature.


This button provide several options to share the score page with a friend or colleague.

This Brand in Other Categories

Clicking one of the links to the right shows the Gradient score for your brand in the other Amazon categories where your brand appears.

Search Again

At the top of the score page, you can search for another product to see the score and follow that brand.

Gradient Score Components™

This section breaks down the ingredients of the Gradient Score.