Gradient Connection to Amazon
User Guide

Connecting the Gradient Console to your Amazon Seller account will allow you to view additional information about your ecommerce performance and unlock more customized insights.

When connecting, Gradient won't change or modify your Amazon account in any way. You won't incur any fees from Amazon for making this connection. You can remove the connection at any time.

How to allow Gradient Console to access your Amazon account

To authorize the Gradient Console, simply follow these steps:

1- Login in to your Seller Central account:

2- Go to “Apps & Services” and click on “Manage Your Apps”.

3- Click the button “Authorize new developer”.

You will come to this screen:

4- Enter Gradient’s developer info:
    Developer Name:, Developer ID: 850915026960

5- Click “Next”.

6- Confirm the authorization:

7- Click “Next”.


Next you will copy and paste the Seller ID, MarketplaceID and MWS Auth Token into the next step to complete the process.

8- Go to the Settings area of the Gradient Console and click on "Connect to Amazon":

9- Give your account a Nickname.

10- Paste your Seller ID, Marketplace ID, and MWS Auth Token from step 7 into the appropriate fields.

11- Click Save and Gradient will begin to sync with your account! The synchronization process takes up to 30 minutes to find all the listings in your account.

12- Once the synchronization is complete, you will receive recommendations for which shelves to follow based on your account.

How to disconnect your Amazon account from Gradient Console

To disconnect your Amazon Seller account from the Gradient Console, just reverse the process.

1- Go to the Settings area of Gradient Console.

2- Click the X to remove the connection.

3- Confirm you are sure.

4- Open your Seller Central account Manage Apps page, and click Disable.

5- That's it!