Norman Shi

Chief Technology Officer
“I am very excited of joining Bobby and Gradient. I believe we have a chance to redefine the ecommerce and Trade Budget landscape with the use of ML. .”

Norman oversees all of our engineering programs. He joined Yahoo in its early days in 2000 and later spent time at Google where he had the opportunity to build a number of products from conception to launch and see them grow into $100+M properties. Norman is a coder, a manager and mentor of Engineering teams.

Technically, Norman has been full stack on everything related to commerce, be it local commerce, e-commerce, advertising related to commerce and loyalty programs. To keep himself close (really close) to product development, he joined startups after his big company days. He worked as CTO of which was later acquired by private equity GCW LLC,  and as VP of Engineering at which was acquired by Rakuten.

Norman has a Ph.D in Experimental Physics from Carnegie Mellon and did his thesis work at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). In those days, he managed to process petabytes of data without calling it Big Data.

Blog Posts

Machine Learning-based Scoring comes to life: the Gradient Score

Machine Learning-based Scoring comes to life: the Gradient Score

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