Geoff Coco

Chief Product Officer

Geoff leads product management at Gradient. With a background in ad tech, analytics, and digital media, he brings a wide-ranging perspective to the field of eCommerce analytics.

Prior to Gradient, he led programmatic TV monetization at WideOrbit. Geoff has computer science degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of Washington and an MBA from MIT Sloan. He also competes in Nordic ski racing, and coaches youth Ultimate Frisbee.

Blog Posts

Gradient Plus coming out of Beta

Gradient Console Plus, which gives ecommerce manager powerful insights into their brand performance on Amazon, is coming out of beta and now available to paid subscribers.

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Take Action with Product Recommendations

Introducing our most powerful insights feature for companies that sell on Amazon: Product Recommendations. Our new feature gives Amazon merchants specific steps to take to improve their Gradient Score and grow sales.

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Deep Dive into Your Followed Products

The new products tab in the Gradient Console allows you to see everything in shelves you are following.

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The Gradient Score: Leading Indicator of Sales Success

Brands that improve their Gradient Score, saw sales gains during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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