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If you are wondering how to evaluate the impact of your optimizations on your products’  performance vs that of your competitors, then this feature is for you. Gradient Performance provides a historical reporting view of KPIs to let you monitor trends, reveal correlations and identify what is driving sales.


The Performance tab is made of three sections.

The first section is a list of products on the left side of the screen. The list can be filtered by title, brand or ASIN number. The list includes both products of the brand you are following and the ones of the competition.

The second section is the Performance Metric chart. This chart shows you the historical trends for the metric and products that you select. There currently are two performance metrics available: Gradient Score and Sales Rank.

The third section is the Factor Metric chart. Same as for the Performance Metric chart, this one shows the historical trends for the metric and products that you select. The currently available metrics are: Shelf Share, Reviews, Paid Percent, Image Quality, Title Keywords, Description Keywords, Price and Star Rating.

General Usage

To access the Performance feature, login to your Gradient account, and click on the Performance icon in the left menu.

As you select the products you are interested in on the left list, the two charts on the right will update to show historical daily data. If you hover over the chart lines you will be able to see additional details about the selected products.

Historical data can be downloaded as CSV, with the option of extracting all of the data set or just the data of the selected products.