Receive Daily Alerts about your products on Amazon

In the Gradient Console, you can set up Daily Alerts to receive notifications of significant changes to your brand's products on Amazon. Once you create a Gradient account you can use these alerts to save time monitoring KPIs so you can focus on what matters most.

Gradient Audit™

How did your brand perform on Amazon this month versus last month?

This brand audit unpacks your brand's performance, and your competitors' too. It's a perfect way to unlock Amazon seller competitor analysis.

Digital Shelf

Which Amazon categories does your brand compete in?

Increasing your Amazon sales rank starts with understanding  where your products appear. The Digital Shelf organizes the Amazon marketplace to make insights more actionable.

Gradient Score™

What's the overall health of your brand on Amazon?

Gradient Score is the quickest, easiest way to check the health of your brand on Amazon. Gradient Score components help identify top areas for improvement.