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Welcome to the Gradient Score.

Bobby Figueroa

It's the height of the holiday shopping season. We've all just come out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday; it's two weeks until Christmas.

For those of you controlling your own sales channels, congrats, you likely have a high degree of certainty when it comes to what’s needed to keep sales healthy into 2020.

For those of you using Amazon as a primary driver or secondary channel for sales, how much do you know about what's happening on the "everything store?"

In 2019, over 600 million products are being sold on Amazon.

Where do your products rank  in Amazon’s Best Seller Rank?

How are your products performing against your direct competition?

How are your products sitting on the digital shelf?  How was your mix of organic Vs, paid?  And what insights are you receiving to help customers find your products?

One more question.

Do you know what your Gradient Score is?

Building Gradient Scores

At, we've been building powerful machine-learning based tools to help. Today, we’re releasing a powerful new way to understand quickly and clearly how well your products are positioned on that Amazon digital shelf-- the insights needed to understand what is happening with your brand and your products inside of Amazon.

We call it the Gradient Score, and starting today brands can search from a database of over 200,000 scores, covering 5,000 product categories to see where they fit on the digital shelf.

What can the score do for you?

The Gradient Score reports an overall measure of your brand's performance and provides a brand health assessment by analyzing your brand's products in a particular category on Amazon.

Similar to consumer credit ratings, Gradient Score reports your brand's strength relative to your peers.

Your overall Score combines measurements in 3 main areas: Product Positioning, Brand Presence, and Customer Response.

With Positioning, we measure how attractively your brand's products are merchandised at the point of sale. Positioning includes the product's price, the relevance and richness of the product's title, description, and images, and the inclusion of special badges like prime or other amazon preferred status.

Presence is our measure of how effectively your product is capturing the attention of interested shoppers. Presence measures the proportion of product listings in search and other relevant product listing impressions that are devoted to your brand's products within the category.

Finally, Response measures how positively your customers respond to your products, and how they vote at the point of sale. Response looks at sales rank and sales velocity, but also includes things like ratings, review sentiment, return rates, and product page conversion rates.

The new

Getting your Gradient Score

The Gradient Score is available today at

Gradient is currently tracking and reporting on over 200,000 products inside of Amazon. Find yours by searching for a product, using an Amazon product URL or simply using an ASIN. For the first time see exactly how you match up, how customers are finding your products, and how much of the digital shelf you really own.

We’re also making it easier to stay on top of changes to your score. By entering your email on a Brand Score page, you’ll receive weekly updates, allowing you to review an unprecedented level of insights to help your brand improve your score and future sales.


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