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Understand how much of the digital shelf you're getting

Clara Assin Sunyé

Today we are introducing Presence Analysis, a feature made for sellers and brands on Amazon that want to know precisely where the traffic is going and how consumers are looking for products in the categories of interest.

Thanks to Presence Analysis, your ability to detect new search term trends and fine-tune your bidding strategies will be enhanced. In fact, our new feature provides you with all you need to look for new keywords opportunities, track trends, find out on what terms and brands competitors are bidding on, and monitor how users are looking for products. Optimizing your products' keyword strategies and understanding how much Amazon shelf space you're getting will now be straightforward.

To try Presence Analysis, create a free Gradient account and do not forget to check out the tutorial video in this post for tips and tricks on how to make the most of the feature.

Photo by Artem Kostelnyuk on Unsplash


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