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Taking the guess work out of the digital marketing equation.

Bobby Figueroa

“Advertisers have long run some targeted campaigns through Amazon’s ad network. Many have done that by working directly with Amazon’s staff, who would place their orders on their behalf. That option has historically been focused on larger brands because it requires a minimum advertising commitment. Over time, Amazon has given more advertisers and their agencies access to the self-service system to run their own targeting campaigns on and off Amazon’s websites, and at a variety of spending levels.”

“Amazon Knows What You Buy.And It’s Building a Big Ad Business From It.”

New York Times
January 20,2019

Taking the guess work out of the digital marketing equation.

Welcome to the era of Digital Marketing 3.0, I call this the area of point-of-sale marketing.

What is point-of-sale marketing?

It is about using the purchase signals to reach, activate and convert customers into shoppers and brand loyalists.

No one understand this signal as good as Amazon.

The New York Times', Karen Weise recent article does a great job at capturing why so many are excited about working with Amazon as it opens new opportunities to engage with customers at the right time with the right message. The goal?  Help brands find new customer bases, grow them and convert them into loyal users of their brands.

To take advantage of this opportunity, brands need technology and tools that can transform the millions of data points available into insights and actions. Agencies that are turning to building specialized Amazon practices should also take note of the importance of new platforms that will help them drive improved ecommerce strategies and execution of day to day programs.

Brands that haven’t yet made the investment switch of their point-of-sale marketing budgets to ecommerce should remember a few things:

One: Don't throw away your knowledge of point-of-sale when you embrace digital. All of that knowledge will be instrumental to driving your business online. The difference is the new tools, platforms and data that will be available.

Two: Don’t confuse eCommerce marketing with branding -- it’s much bigger. eCommerce is about moving product at the point of sale. You need to think at scale to grow your business through eCommerce.

And three: There’s plenty of advantage in moving first while your competitors are dragging their feet. You can reach customers at Amazon and other digital marketplaces while rivals are still only targeting Google orFacebook. Digital point of sale marketing is the fastest way to reach customers where they are actually spending their money.

At we know what it takes to win in the era of point-of-sale marketing.


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