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Take Action with Product Recommendations

Geoff Coco

We are releasing our most powerful insights feature for companies that sell on Amazon: Product Recommendations. Our new feature gives Amazon merchants specific steps to take to improve your Gradient Score and grow your sales.

If you're an Amazon Seller or FBA Seller, then you understand the number of listing details you can try to optimize. It can be overwhelming to know what to work on first. The complexity of making improvements becomes even harder as your catalog of listings grow.

Gradient's product Recommendations are easy to review the results. The recommendation engine provides a series of action steps whose outcomes are predicted to be beneficial to your overall sales. It works by examining what-if scenarios for your top listings against our proprietary machine learning model of the Amazon marketplace. By combining related product history in the Amazon marketplace and big data science, Recommendations give you prioritized improvement targets that have the highest predicted impact to your listing sales.

During our beta period for this capability we will provide access to Recommendations for the first 100 accounts. Login or create your Gradient account to follow your brand and start getting Product Recommendations.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


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