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Introducing the Gradient Score

Bobby Figueroa

Introducing the Gradient Score

The best way to monitor your brand’s health on Amazon

Every day spent inside a startup is exhilarating. There is so much going on. So many balls in the air. So many moments of joy (and occasionally, absolute terror). It’s not for everyone, but for those with an entrepreneurial bent, there are few better places to be than inside that startup whirlwind. 

Every day you spend bringing something new into this world is unique, but two days stand out for every founder.  The day the doors are open, and the day you ship the first public version of your product. Your 1.0.

Today, the first consumer component of our Intelligent Insights platform is going live, introducing the Gradient Score -- simply the best way to measure your brand’s health on Amazon.

There is no other tool on the market to view the health of your brand and your competition inside the Amazon platform.

We developed the Gradient Score because every brand needs a way to monitor their health in eCommerce environments like Amazon. Where can I invest to drive more sales? Am I paying the right amount for traffic? Can customers find my products?

Our platform uses the power of Machine Learning and thousands of data points across Amazon to measure your product shelf presence compared to your competitors. You can get your Gradient Score today by visiting 

We want to empower vendors and sellers to see how they measure up on the “digital shelf”, and today, that vision became a reality. 

What we set out to do 

Selling products online is harder than it should be. Nowhere is this more true than in channels you don’t own. 

When Gradient set out to build a platform to help the growing community of eCommerce vendors and sellers, we knew we’d have to do two things: 

  1. Focus first on Amazon, the world’s largest digital sales channel. Amazon is a black box full of algorithms which makes it hard to understand where your brand stands in the channel, who your competitors are, and what your digital shelf looks like. 
  2. Give our customers, the brands selling on Amazon, truly actionable insight, earlier and faster than ever before possible. We took the complex and made it easy. We synthesized information into insights to help inform decision making. No more making decisions after the fact. With the Gradient Score you’ll know the direction your brand’s health is headed, letting you take immediate action. 

By focusing on these two critical areas we help brands know exactly where they stand on the digital shelf and take the stress out of selling on Amazon.

So what is the Gradient Score

The Gradient Score is a measure of your brand’s health on the “digital shelf” inside of Amazon. We use the power of machine learning to derive our calculations after crunching an immense amount of data, working 24/7 to stay on top of product performance, and report back to you an easily understood “score” of your performance. 

Each score is made up of three components; Brand Presence, Product Positioning, and Customer Response

Brand Presence: measures how effectively your product is capturing the attention of interested shoppers. 

Production Positioning: measure how attractively your brand’s products are merchandised.

Customer Response: measures how positively your customers respond to your products, and how they vote at the point of sale. 

Each of these areas was chosen to give the most direct insight into product performance on Amazon; they're  evaluated separately and then put together to generate an overall Gradient Score. 

By detailing where products are falling short, or are under attack from competitors, the Gradient Score will shine a light on the precise areas that need focus. A perfect example is a low positioning score, highlighting an opportunity to increase ad spend inside of Amazon Ad Solutions. In doing this, your Gradient Score and future outcome for your brand will improve. 

A final thought

The 2019 holiday shopping season is almost upon us. Do you want to spend another season hoping that Amazon performs the way you want it to for your brand or would you like to go into Black Friday knowing how to maximize Amazon as a channel?

Give the Gradient Score a try. We think you’re going to love it. 

You can get your Gradient Score today by visiting 


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