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Introducing the Gradient Audit

Bobby Figueroa

E-commerce Intelligence in the age of uncertainty

Things are going to be different. The quarantine will end. We’ll move on from this strange and tragic time. 

But the old way of doing things is over. We’ve so quickly adapted to a new way of operating. The commute to work, dropping our kids at school, picking up groceries, shopping for what we need. These are all going to be different from this point forward.

In February, 74.6% of US internet users polled by Coresight Research said they would avoid shopping centers going forward. Portions of that audience will return to stores, but how many, and how quickly? While most shoppers currently have no choice but to look online for what they need, even when stores re-open, a larger share of shopping is going to stay online.

So, what are you doing to stay on top of this new landscape?

Since launching the Gradient Score in 2019, we’ve tracked the health of over 1.2 million brands on Amazon,  covering over 90 million individual products. Today, we’re launching a new brand audit report to help business leaders manage this new reality, we call it the Gradient Audit. Our team has worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to develop this new way to help brands better understand how they’re performing during this time of uncertainty.

The Gradient Audit offers brands a 360-degree view of their eCommerce elements and a complete picture of their brand's health on Amazon. The Gradient Audit is a comprehensive analysis that includes: 

  • Gradient Score for individual ASINs
  • Sales activity
  • Brand and product presence
  • Organic vs paid presence
  • Ratings and reviews trends
  • Pricing trends
  • Product listing and positioning trends

Sign up for the Gradient console to get the data and insight you need to stay on top of these difficult times. 

As part of our commitment to helping where we can, we’re making the Gradient Audit free for anyone who wants to use it. A small way for us to contribute to helping business recover and find a way forward. 

Stay safe out there friends. 


Bobby Figueroa on behalf of the entire Gradient Technologies team.

Photo by Julien Riedel on Unsplash


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