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Unlock your digital shelf strategy with Presence, an intelligent SOV metric

Kathryn Lin

Presence, the most powerful metric in eCommerce analytics, captures your brand’s share of shopper visibility along the shopper journey on the digital shelf. Just as the physical shopper scans across the physical shelf, the digital shopper will browse through products in keyword search results and product detail page carousels on their shopper journey. Presence takes into account the nuances of the shopper journey such as keyword relevancy, search traffic volume, and visibility of product placements to measure your brand’s share of shopper visibility. Unlike share of voice, presence captures your brand’s share of visibility for both organic and paid placements.

Presence can be viewed in a blended perspective, combining both organic and paid placements. More excitingly, paid presence can focus on your brand’s share of shopper attention within paid inventory exclusively, unlocking insights to guide strategic budget allocation.  On the other side of the coin, organic presence can also reveal your brand’s share of organic placements by isolating your brand’s organic media performance. Additionally, when viewing presence over time, presence growth is a strong predictor of eCommerce sales performance.

Intrigued? Download the paper to learn more about presence analytics & Gradient Insights.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash


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