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Gradient Surpasses 1 Million Gradient Scores

Bobby Figueroa

Intelligent insights set great brand marketers apart.

Recently hit an auspicious milestone and now supports Amazon’s top brand marketers with more than 1 million Gradient Scores!  These insights can be found at

In reaching this unprecedented milestone, now serves over 212,000 brands in nearly 13,000 categories making the go-to service for brands that seek to improve their merchandising and marketing presence.

The Gradient Score is a patent-pending brand measure for the Amazon marketplace that uses machine learning techniques to distill thousands of data points into a single predictive measure. As an example, the Gradient Score incorporates dynamic programming techniques based on the Floyd-Warshall algorithm for quantifying the links between market segments.

Gradient’s analysis pipeline synthesizes component Scores for brands in the areas of positioning, presence and customer response. And it does so at amazing speed and reliability, which are critical given the dynamic nature Amazon, an environment where a brand’s fortunes can change on a moment’s notice and leaving brand managers and their agency partners often struggling to make sense of creating a sustained presence for consumers. In that regard, the Gradient Score tells the story of what makes brands successful on Amazon. As we first described in this blog post, the Gradient Score is a leading indicator of category Amazon Best Seller Rank and in general, the higher the Gradient Score the better the Amazon Best Seller Rank.

With now over 1 million Gradient Scores available, marketers have the scale of competitive insights to tackle even the most competitive categories.  Search a million Gradient Score’s directly from Gradient’s homepage.  In the event a brand has not been Scored, simply provide an Amazon product page URL or ASIN and Gradient will generate a brand Score to inform your business.

In the coming months, Gradient will be releasing workflow tools to help marketers and agencies optimize brand performance on Amazon through prioritized tactical adjustments, and then further developing the Gradient Score to help monitor a brand’s progress towards bottom-line sales goals. In the meantime, we’re delighted to offer our first million scores to the eCommerce community for free… You’re welcome!

Onwards & upwards,

Jay Sampson

Chief Revenue Officer

Gradient Technolgies, Inc.


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