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Deep Dive into Your Followed Products

Geoff Coco

Brand level analytics are great, but knowing what's happening at the product level makes your insights actionable. The new Products tab in the Gradient Console provides the drill down you need to follow up on the insights shown anywhere in the Console. For example, when you find out that your brand suffered a loss of shelf share, you'll want to know which products were impacted. Likewise if your brand got an overall ratings boost, you'll want to know which products contributed.

The new Products tab in the Gradient Console allows you to see ALL the products in the shelf. And allows you to slice and dice the category to do your competitive research. You can easily find the best or worst rated, the highest and lowest priced, or the top share products.

To try the new Products viewer, create a free Gradient account and start following brands you're interested in. Let us know what you think.

Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash


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