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What Brands Can Learn by Selling on Amazon

Madu Kasi Vishwanathan

In recent months, big brands like Nike, IKEA and many other D2C companies have stopped selling on Amazon due to the surge of available counterfeit products on the platform. Given the sheer enormity in the number of listings, Amazon has a daunting task to police the marketplace for all forms of fakes. Because of this worrying trend, many brands have become more concerned and cautious with eCommerce marketplace partnerships ( On the other side of the seller equation, the lives of 3rd-party sellers have also become harder with fakes and fraud running rampant.

Amazon has over 38.7% of the online market share in the US ( It means that ditching Amazon can be costly, considering Amazon's logistics infrastructure and user traffic.

What if, instead of leaving Amazon, brands could leverage what they learn from selling on Amazon, to be smarter about their product development, shopper preferences and marketing campaigns? And what if, by understanding merchandising algorithms and customer reviews, brands could build stronger ties to shoppers in the marketplace, rank higher in the various Amazon categories, increase their digital presence, and grow their overall sales. Using Machine Learning, helps brands monitor their performance against competing products by analyzing thousands of data points and highlighting opportunities within them.

Gradient’s Intelligent Insights Platform determines how well your products are performing, lets you understand how the market is changing and gives you actionable recommendations for improving your sales. The main foundation of our Platform is the Gradient Score which consists of three elements: Brand Presence, Product Positioning and Customer response. If you are low on Product Positioning, for instance, our Platform will highlight the improvements you can do in your Product Pages. Scoring low on Brand Presence may indicate the need to boost your listing descriptions for relevance. 

To start learning how the Gradient platform can transform your Amazon business, create a free Gradient account.

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash


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