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Smart Insights, powered by machine learning, to help you master your Amazon presence.

Find out your brand's Gradient Score on Amazon.

Retail Used to be Easier

  • Align with the right retailer. Mind your supply chain. Negotiate shelf space. Control your price. Keep a close eye on the competition.

    Amazon came along and changed everything.

    The old rules no longer applied. The “everything store” promised endless customers and near-infinite shelf space, but in exchange, we had to work with a system of algorithms, black boxes and a narrow data set.

    No longer could we see how we stacked up to the competition, where we sat on the shelf and how shoppers found our products.

  • What If Things Could Be Different?

    What if you could have that same level of insight and more?

    What if you had the intelligence to know precisely how your product(s) stack up and stand out against the competition?

    How would you transform your business?

    We've built a new kind of insight engine for Amazon, a SaaS based platform, and we think you're going to love it.

Brands with the right information can finally unlock the full power of Amazon

The Gradient platform is built on four key areas, each formulated to provide unparalleled intelligent insights.
Gradient Shelf

With the Gradient Shelf, you can now fully quantify product and brand share.

Gradient Dynamic

Using the Gradient Dynamic, you can understand and plan the right investment between organic and paid presence.

Gradient Score

The Gradient Score gives you unprecedented insight on the health and overall potential of your products.

Gradient Compete

Gradient Compete, tracks competitors and identifies new entrants in your category.

Do more with Gradient

In addition to the four key areas inside the Gradient Platform, we're also working on a number of enhancements, including...
Keyword Optimization
Real-time Alerts
Customized Reporting
Unified KPI Dashboards
Self-service Solutions
Enterprise Level Solutions

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