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How to Promote Your Products on Amazon

One of the main reasons why consumers buy on Amazon is because of the lower prices they found on it. Buyers love making good deals and, whenever they see one, they quickly forget about their regular brands or products. In this article we will go through the three types of promotions sellers can benefit from on Amazon to help you boost sales.

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How to Determine the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Products on Amazon

Determining the right price for your products on Amazon can be very tricky however, if you get it right, it will open the door to success. In the opposite scenario instead you will either don’t sell anything on Amazon or lose money. If there is one thing to check when determining if you are using the right pricing strategy, is whether your products are being listed in page one of results for your most important search terms. With 70% of all sales going to sellers listed in results page one, it is needless to explain why the above mentioned check should be a rule of thumb. In this article we will provide the main rules to check if you are applying the right pricing strategy.

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How to Win the Buy Box on Amazon

If there is one thing that sellers on Amazon should want is to win the Buy Box. In fact, winning this white box on the top right side of the product pages is so powerful that it literally determines the sales performance of a product on Amazon. So, what should a brand be focusing on in order to win it?

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